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extensive input fishin' with patience
waitin' for a response anticipation
is shakin' look into the spot-
what do you make of it?
what can you take from it?
me i don't know i guess
i push the envelope and the temperature
of my demeanor yo is hella cold-
so if aces are wild and suicide kings
are on trial i think i might just fold
but know that i'll be doin' it
jack-knife style so as not to defile
the common courtesy placement of
what's to be expected but if i
stand corrected i will consider
my intentions deflected and rather
dream-like and majestic
and bet that somewhere in there lies
a lesson to be learned, so light the fire
of destiny and as it burns deny all
the questions and lies and spur of the moment
reactions so drastic they hurt-
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March 9, 2012
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